21st Century Computing, Inc.

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21st Century Computing, Inc. is an active participant in several facets of the New Orleans and metropolitan area's community. Our executives are active board members, volunteers or business partners with the following non-profit organizations:

» New Orleans Strings Project
» Algiers Folk Art Zone
» B.A.N.D. Museum & Gallery
» Lennox Blvd. Homeowners Assoc.

» Lusher Elementary
» Ben Franklin Elementary

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21st Century Computing, Inc.
P.O. Box 6174
New Orleans, LA 70174
Email: data_info@21stcenturycomputing.com
Phone: 504-398-0321
Fax 504-613-4568

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All American Negro League BaseballE-COMMERCE
Negro League Baseball and customized apparel ,Art, books, CDs, candy and more. E-commerce is what we Know and what we DO! Shop at our stores over the Internet.

Certified Networking Engineer NETWORK/PC SERVICES
LANs,WANs,Factory and Office network maintenance & installation by 21st Century Certified Network Engineers.

Marketing that targets the World
Information, demographics, vision. We can help you find and target your market - Domestic and Global.

We are a business partner with local community organizations. Volunteer work for local public schools rounds out our record of public service. See what we do!